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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation

R.R.S.P. Loans at 3.5% (Rate may change without notice). Apply now and differ payments for 6 months.
Once again whole life (level cost) insurance rates are going up! Some companies already increased their rates.Term insurance rates historically low. It is like life insurance on sale!! Do not wait, apply now and lock the current rates. Compare you mortgage insurance rate with ours.Why pay more?!
Pention Plans with minimum 5% bonus per year. Better than GIC and you can get guarnteed fixed income in your retirement. If you inves before December 31st. 2011, you will get 6% for the fist year.
Buy Critical Illness insurance now. We will give you 25% more for free for 2 years. If you buy 10 year payment plan policy, you pay only for 8 years for the 25% extra. Offer expire on December 1, 2011!! Apply now and get 25% more.


We are an independent broker network. Our brokers represent most of the leading insurance & investment companies.

Since our brokers represent many different insurance companies, they are able to shop around for the best suitable product for you at the best possible rates. Instead of you shopping around for best product and best rate, our brokers will do it for you.

In service no body can beat our brokers.

New agents/ brokers are welcome. Our agent/brokers get very attractive compensation.

We represent the most of the leading insurance & investment companies.

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